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FAQ – How Sales Work

What you need to know about estate liquidation and pre-demolition sales

consultationThe experts at South Jersey Estate Liquidators and Appraisal Service manage your estate liquidation sale or pre-demolition sale from start to finish.

1. Do you offer a free initial consultation?

We meet with you, face to face, to discuss what you want to sell and when you want to sell it. We explain our commission structure, which varies depending on the quality and quantity of items to be sold. This consultation is completely free, and you are under no obligation to work with us. If you decide to retain us, your estate liquidation sale or pre-demolition sale can take place with as little as two weeks notice.

2. Is there a contract?

When you decide to move forward, we agree on a sale date and draw up a contract, as required by law. This is for your protection, so that you know the terms of our agreement. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we secure all necessary permits. If property is damaged during the sale, or if someone is injured, you do not need to worry.

3. How do you begin the sales process?

We review your property and create a list of all items to be sold. Some items may be photographed for promotional purposes. If there is a question about an item’s value, we research it. We may also clean some items, if it will enable them to bring higher prices.

4. How do you promote my sale?

Your estate liquidation sale or pre-demolition sale is featured on our Upcoming Sales page, with a list of available items and pictures. We may send notices to our email list and advertise on the Internet, in newspapers and on radio, and send out postal mailings.

5. How do you organize the sale?

We bring everything needed for your sale, such as tables and display cases, to your location. Or if you prefer, we can hold your sale in an alternate location and transport your items there. We stage the items and mark each one with its price. We are on site from beginning to end, taking care of your property and serving buyers with professionalism.

6. How do I know what I earned from the sale?

At the conclusion of the estate liquidation sale or pre-demolition sale, you receive an itemized list of what was sold and what you earned for each item. When the event is over, we clean up, and if you wish, dispose of any remaining items and leave the property broom swept.

Guidelines for sellers

1. All items that are not to be sold must be removed from the house before the sale.
2. We need a key to the property before the sale.
3. All items are sold with no warranties or guarantees implied. All items are sold as is, where they are.
4. During the sale, we have staff on hand to assist buyers with loading the items they purchased.
5. In a pre-demolition sale, we can provide you with a list of extraction specialists to remove items purchased, such as kitchens, bathrooms, windows, sinks, toilets, furnaces, etc.
6. Once the sale is complete, we secure the property.
7. Gross proceeds are paid through the South Jersey Liquidators and Appraisal Service escrow account.
8. If you have any questions, call Frank Stevens at 609-451-2400.