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Pre-Demolition Sales

Recycle your house and building materials with a pre-demolition sale

Pre-DemolitionIf you plan to renovate — or even tear down — your home or building, don’t just send all of the existing building materials to a landfill. With South Jersey Estate Liquidators and Appraisal Service, you can resell and recycle them in a pre-demolition sale — reducing your demolition costs, protecting the environment and earning money, all at the same time.

You can sell virtually all of your existing building materials:

• Kitchen cabinets and appliances
• Bathroom fixtures
• Windows and doors
• Hardwood flooring
• Trim molding
• Lighting and fans
• Window treatments
• Fireplace mantels
• Stairs and banisters
• Copper pipe
• Air conditioners and furnaces
• Water heaters
• Landscaping — plants and hardscape
• And more

We make a pre-demolition sale easy for you. We evaluate your building materials, and then organize, promote and manage your sale for you. For details, visit our FAQ – How Sales Work page.

Pre-demolition sales by appointment

South Jersey Estate Liquidators and Appraisal Service also offers the option to hold your pre-demolition sale by appointment. This means prospective buyers call and make individual appointments to look at your building materials. This type of pre-demolition sale extends over a longer period of time, rather than one day.